Food Waste

Save some money and avoid food waste with these simple tips.
Here are four steps in the right direction.
It may sound counterintuitive, but here's why it works.
You were going to throw them out anyway — so why not fry them up?
Globally, we waste 42 million tons of edible grain used for beer-brewing annually. Here's how we can "tap" into spent grain upcycling to curb climate change.
Your food waste footprint is bigger than you think. Here's how to minimize your climate impact. (And, no, composting is not the answer.)
USDA’s bailout program for farmers sends abundant meat, vegetables and fruits to feed low-income Americans.
South Korea has managed to increase food waste recycling levels from 2 percent to 95 percent.
More than a third of the food in the United States goes to waste — about 400 pounds a year per American.