For Profit Colleges

The trial was set for April 25, but attorney Joseph Tacopina contends that the former president's right to a fair trial depends on a “cooling off” period.
The Biden administration says it will forgive all remaining federal student debt for former students of the for-profit Corinthian Colleges chain.
U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said the former president used “frivolous” legal challenges to delay Carroll's defamation lawsuit, including claiming that the state court lacked jurisdiction over him.
Carrolll, who is suing the former president for defamation, said Tuesday that deposing Trump would cause unnecessary delays -- but still seeks a DNA sample.
I will force America’s billionaire education secretary to finally follow the law.
“Literally 160,000-plus people cannot move on with their life because of this non- decision by Betsy DeVos,” said Alicia Davis, a plaintiff in the suit.
“Are you looking to spend $100,000 you don’t have to get a degree that won’t help you find a job?”
DeVos froze a rule that would help forgive the student debt of people defrauded by for-profit institutions.