Ford Motor Company

The report highlights how rampant corporate tax dodging and excessive executive pay have become among dozens of major American companies.
Clips holding the trim that covers the roof supports close to the windshield can come loose.
Jeep maker Stellantis has reached a tentative contract agreement with the United Auto Workers union that follows a template set earlier this week by Ford, two people with knowledge of the negotiations said Saturday.
UAW members would have to vote on the tentative agreement. Meanwhile, work stoppages would continue at General Motors and Stellantis plants.
The United Auto Workers union appears to be edging closer to a tentative contract agreement with Ford.
The union said it launched the surprise strike after failing to make progress in negotiations with the iconic automaker.
The presidential hopeful called Reagan’s move a "great example," but it’s generally illegal to fire workers in private-sector work stoppages.
The targeted walkouts are aimed at throwing the "Big Three" off balance as the union battles for new contracts.
Rather than strike all facilities at once, the union's president said they would wage strategic walkouts at Ford, GM and Stellantis if they don't reach deals.
Many observers believe a work stoppage of some kind looks increasingly likely.