With 45 tentacles, the Sollasina cthulhu could snatch food and creep along the ocean floor.
“I will probably spend the rest of my career working on this site," said paleontologist Robert Gay.
“My heart was racing," paleontologist Joe Sertich said. "I realized it was a pretty important dinosaur find."
The print, found in Western Australia, is about 27 inches longer than the last suspected record-holder.
Windows down, music up, warm wind blowing across the grasslands... the driving roads in and around Badlands National Park
This is the very essence of what we call serendipity: the art of creating the good intellectual, scientific and experimental
So our team of palaeontologists and neurologists checked for the pineal foramen in more than 600 skulls. These were all found
Jamie Hiscock of East Sussex, England has a knack for spotting incredibly preserved remnants of life. Five years ago, he
In other words, try this thought experiment. Imagine the common ancestor of these creatures in all their diversity -- what
Surprisingly, South African heritage sites make similar claims. Maropeng and the Sterkfontein Caves, for example, are described
Paleontologists are starting to be more careful to examine the dirt around the bones before digging it away, for example
The remains are the earliest trace of human activity found in central Taiwan, scientists say.
Giant dinosaurs were small and cute at birth, a study of baby Rapetosaurus bones reveals.