The Future Of Fuel

I am not a fan of BP, and the oil company deserves the heap of criticism tossed its way, but I believe the media has once again behaved outrageously.
This is not science fiction: We actually can make gasoline from wood waste, switchgrass, algae and sugarcane. Maybe it won't
Running vehicles on biofuels such as ethanol reduces CO2 emissions and offers a way to lessen the world's reliance on oil
The CEO of auto parts supplier Bosch today told a crowd at the National Summit for Clean Transportation that U.S. automakers
WASHINGTON D.C. To combat its often negative image as a "dirty" and inefficient source of energy, the diesel-fuel advocacy
If we go back 100 years we would find a wide assortment of propulsion systems used on cars. We had electric cars, along with
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mixing slightly higher levels of ethanol into gasoline would benefit the U.S. energy supply provided
For documentary film maker Josh Tickell, it's all about algae. The micro organism's potential to deliver America from its
There is not yet much data available on the President's CAFE announcement. Luckily, we have a huge base of analysis that
Bay Area residents have a new type of gas station at their disposal -- and it's certainly a different proposition than the