The Future Of Fuel

I am not a fan of BP, and the oil company deserves the heap of criticism tossed its way, but I believe the media has once again behaved outrageously.
This is not science fiction: We actually can make gasoline from wood waste, switchgrass, algae and sugarcane. Maybe it won't
Running vehicles on biofuels such as ethanol reduces CO2 emissions and offers a way to lessen the world's reliance on oil
The CEO of auto parts supplier Bosch today told a crowd at the National Summit for Clean Transportation that U.S. automakers
WASHINGTON D.C. To combat its often negative image as a "dirty" and inefficient source of energy, the diesel-fuel advocacy
If we go back 100 years we would find a wide assortment of propulsion systems used on cars. We had electric cars, along with
For documentary film maker Josh Tickell, it's all about algae. The micro organism's potential to deliver America from its
There is not yet much data available on the President's CAFE announcement. Luckily, we have a huge base of analysis that
Bay Area residents have a new type of gas station at their disposal -- and it's certainly a different proposition than the
Bacon, it's not just for breakfast, lunch and dinner anymore. It's the biofuel of choice for a pair of entrepreneurs building
There are a lot of good reasons to run your everyday diesel vehicle on homegrown oils energy independence and less particulate
MILAN (Reuters) - Industrial-scale production of bioenergy from algae, or seaweeds, can be expected in 10 to 15 years, helping
Many fuels have been proposed as alternatives to gasoline. Most face the early adopter with same problem -- where to refuel
EST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Those worried about a performance drop-off going from standard diesel fuel to the more environmentally
Three large pieces of construction equipment sitting outside the Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility represent
Federal stimulus dollars are picking up where a nearly $20 million state program aimed at cutting diesel engine emissions
Are banks meant to help the economy or to go back to business as usual in helping to destroy it?
In most cases the biodiesel needs to be washed with water to remove any remaining traces of alcohol, catalyst, and glycerin
Even as they applaud the White House's moves, the powerful farm lobby and farm state politicians are readying for a fight.
We like the idea of the 2009 Audi A3 , a small, sporty five-door hatchback ( Audi refers to it as a Sportback). It seems