Gary Whitehill

Jennifer Hill Startup Advisory and Venture Lawyer, Gunderson Dettmer LLP "The Advocate" "The biggest thing I learned was
As the bombshell news about Steve Jobs' resignation broke on Wednesday night, it's fitting that millions around the world
Across the media, publishing, and technology worlds -- and elsewhere -- speculation continues over just how big the iPad
Clint Greenleaf Founder and CEO, Greenleaf Book Group "The Cowboy" "'Who: The A Method for Hiring' by Geoff Smart. Hiring
Gary Whitehill Founder, The Relentless Foundation and New York Entrepreneur Week "The Sheriff" "Since we're a non-profit
Lexy Funk Co-Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Industries "The Contrarian" "Ideally, Twitter is Haiku poetry. In reality, it is most
"The Validator" Julie Jumonville Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer, UpSpring Baby "The Mad Scientist" "UpSpring Baby
Tate Chalk Founder And CEO, Nfinity "The Matador" "Obama did what he had to do. It doesn't matter how big the 'star' in star
"The Sniper And Lil' Snipes" While there are only 24 hours in a day, most busy entrepreneurs could probably use twice as
But even if BP is able to stop the leak after more than 80 days, the damage -- to the environment, the Gulf Coast economy