Gas & Oil

But its recommendation stopped short of the outright ban pushed by environmental groups.
The release will be taken in parallel with other nations including China, India, Japan, Korea and the U.K., in an effort to bring down gas prices.
Blitzer incorrectly suggested the prices of one high-priced gas station were the average for the whole city.
Democrats on the House Oversight Committee will subpoena several companies to obtain documents as part of an ongoing probe into climate disinformation.
Aerial photos released last week showed a miles-wide oil slick on the surface of the Gulf about two miles off Louisiana's coastline.
"Nobody needed to lose their life over frickin’ gas today," a Jefferson Parish sheriff said.
Expensive gas is a financial hardship, but more oil is a climate disaster. The gas price flux shows us about why we should already be weaned off fossil fuels.
Infrastructure negotiations highlight the fact that ideas popular inside the Beltway can be toxic outside of it.
The Ohio congressman's critics stepped in with a blunt reminder of recent history.
Biden had vowed during the campaign to “reverse the Trump administration’s assaults on America’s natural treasures," including the Alaska refuge.
Gas prices have reached a seven-year high, which experts say is largely the result of higher demand and a shortage of fuel truck drivers.
The late night host found something sad in Trump's latest blog statement.
Three oil giants suffered separate blows in one day, marking what one analyst called “the start of a new era” for the industry.
Committee chairs said they were "disappointed" the operator of the nation's largest gas pipeline refused to give details about its ransomware attack.
The Colonial Pipeline, the biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S., delivering about 45% of what is consumed on the East Coast, was hit on Friday with a cyberattack.
Late night comedians joked about a shipping container getting stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking a critical trade route.
The Supreme Court justice has not recused herself from a climate case against Big Oil, despite her family ties to one of the main defendants.
Samples of the oil found on Perdido Key were collected in an attempt to determine the source of the pollution.
The powerful storm made landfall over a major industry hub, but experts don't expect companies to change course as a result.
As Big Oil wobbles, is now the time to remove it as an obstacle to climate action once and for all?