Artificially cooling the planet carries potential threats -- and so does allowing tech billionaires to monopolize the research efforts.
Kim Stanley Robinson argues that blanket opposition to intervening in the climate is wrongheaded.
It boils down to a failure to question capitalism, civilization, and the notion of progress.
The climate news gets scarier by the day. February obliterated all records as the warmest seasonally-adjusted month since measurements began. At this rate, we're on a path to blow through the 1.5º C temperature rise the nations of the world set as a goal at COP21 in a few years.
We now stand at a crossroads. However unintentional, humans are responsible for climate change. It is time we own up to that and deal with the problem in earnest. For what we do today will forever determine our future trajectory. Could this crisis be the impetus that moves us to the next stage of civilization or to extinction?
Australian climate scientist Tim Flannery suggests we could cool the climate with massive seaweed farms to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
The most efficient method of quickly reducing the global population, and solving the global warming problem, is by nuclear war.
Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.