Samson Bonkeabantu Brown said his dad was "one of my greatest supporters throughout my transition, encouraging me to ... live authentically as my best self.”
That Gillette ad was right. Evidence of toxic masculinity is all around us.
But an NFL player told the host he agrees with the ad's progressive messaging.
Now, there are--as always--some exceptions. If you are older and your hair is brown or black and your stubble comes in white
Who said each of the following... (a) "I love the uneducated." (b) "Persuasion has to target the emotions and speak to the
In his opinion, when it comes to marketing messages, "the shift is actually in favor of the consumer right now. The brands
This soon-to-be-sheared appendage sure looks about as hairless as a baby bird before the model goes at it with the razor
Father's Day is around the corner so it's time to think of the perfect gift to get your dad, grandfather, or maybe even that special uncle. Whether your man is an adventurist, metrosexual, techie, or foodie, below are some unique gift ideas that will surely please him.
As the Internet and mobile technologies have grown in importance, so has the concept of the business or product revenue model. Quite simply, a business, revenue, or product model delineates how a company will make money from its products.
"One dimensional labels limit your potential," reads the text at the end of the minute and a half video. "Venus invites women
But its adjusted earnings beat Wall Street expectations and the company reiterated its 2014 guidance. Its shares rose 3 percent
It is no hidden secret that innovation is a necessity to compete in today's marketplace. Often hailed as the Holy Grail for which every organization should strive for, sustainable innovation requires a strategy from start to finish.
You've got the ring. The date is set. The venue is confirmed. You're well on the way to the wedding of your dreams, but don't forget the icing on the three-tiered cake -- picture perfect skin!
In following Andre's music career, acting career and his entrepreneurial endeavors there are quite a few things that I believe many creative professional can learn from the success of Andre Benjamin's journey as an artist.
As one of the leading men's style websites online, we get hundreds of inquiries and questions from readers. Of the many issues
So, you've got a job interview. Because, as you'll find, only the sharpest survive. But if clothes help make the man, what