Global Citizen

Learn more about CMH here Of course, it's one thing for us as adults to try to figure out how to wrap our minds around everything
Small Steps Toward Empathy Make a Big Difference Gain a sense of being part of the larger human family. It's difficult to
We live in a time of increasing ethnic and cultural diversity, and in every community it is clear that while some progress
Dear 1st Lady Michelle With admiring eyes I have seen in you The classiest confidence of a woman The unflinching support
Take Chizuru Iwata, for example, a UN Volunteer from Japan who volunteered with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF
If not a pet, then at least US Presidents have celebrated wildlife, particularly Teddy Roosevelt. The Trump household association
Lady Blanka Rosenstiel of the American Institute of Polish Culture with Tad Sudol at a black-tie gala in the Waldorf Astoria
We have been stuck on the bandwagon of only "objective" measures, which has kept us focused on Knowledge. It is time to accept
This past Saturday, at the star-studded Global Citizen Festival, Google's Made with Code initiative unveiled a new project. After Metallica's spirited performance, 'Quantico'-star Priyanka Chopra, a host of the evening, was joined on stage by a legion of teen girls.
The beauty of Hellas was reflected in the faces of the Orpheus Luxury Collection team. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection. Dr