This phase is a curious mix of excitement and anxiety, of power and powerlessness -- all bundled into our bodies. No wonder, science says that motherhood brings physical changes in your brain too.
Most work life balance conversations are between stay at home versus career mum but what about mumpreneurs? The career mum might struggle with juggling her 9 to 5 (or more like 5 to 9) and missing some milestones. She might have to decide between the sales pitch and her daughter's prize giving day in school.
When Thabile visited the Nkhaba Health Centre for her first antenatal visit, there was a lot on her mind. Diagnosed with HIV four years prior, she expressed her fear to the nurses at the clinic...fear that she would infect her child and fear that she would die, leaving him orphaned.
To the funders, stakeholders, and policy makers, I urge you to revert your attention back home. Focus on the number of lives we are losing each year to AIDS and other preventable reproductive health issues.