Global Motherhood

For many women, blissful maternity isn’t an option.
International Day of the Girl is celebrated on 11 October each year. Around the world NGOs, civil society groups, UN agencies
Progress in public health sometimes feels slow, but the recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that India
Achok, whose story was relayed to me by her cousin Dr. Jane Juma, finally made it to the UN compound where many other families
This phase is a curious mix of excitement and anxiety, of power and powerlessness -- all bundled into our bodies. No wonder, science says that motherhood brings physical changes in your brain too.
Most work life balance conversations are between stay at home versus career mum but what about mumpreneurs? The career mum might struggle with juggling her 9 to 5 (or more like 5 to 9) and missing some milestones. She might have to decide between the sales pitch and her daughter's prize giving day in school.
When Thabile visited the Nkhaba Health Centre for her first antenatal visit, there was a lot on her mind. Diagnosed with HIV four years prior, she expressed her fear to the nurses at the clinic...fear that she would infect her child and fear that she would die, leaving him orphaned.
To the funders, stakeholders, and policy makers, I urge you to revert your attention back home. Focus on the number of lives we are losing each year to AIDS and other preventable reproductive health issues.
I planned to ask about motherhood, despite the fact that multiple people warned me that it could come across as silly. "What does he know about motherhood?" They wondered. "You should ask about something more profound. Something spiritual."
Here in the US and on a global scale, ensuring the health of women and girls is still a major challenge. While maternal mortality
I am optimistic that by 2030, girls will take a step forward in transforming communities at the national and international
We don't know what is going to happen in our lives but if we can go forward believing and having faith that everything will be all right then we are sure to see what we are here to do and do it, like Gloria.
I can't believe you are almost done with kindergarten. It seems like just yesterday you were beginning to walk, unsteady on your chubby little legs. It may sound strange to you, but I wish kindergarten could last just a little longer. It went so fast.
The truth is devastatingly simple. Women and their babies will continue to die until we decide that they have the right to live. And without healthy women, we can't have healthy families, resilient communities, or a sustainable world. The choice is ours to make.
Celebrating Alaafia Abiyamo is important because it transforms the prevailing narrative around maternal health in Africa
The time is now for us women to take the lead, showing the world that we can teach love, peace, joy and responsibility, without
According to "protective" mothers and their legal and psychological advocates, all of whom spoke at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference in Albany in May, this crisis has only deepened. If a battered mother is involved in a custody dispute, her lawyer must, in good conscience, advise her not to mention domestic violence; if she does, chances are she will lose custody.
Because of my childhood, my daughter will never have to question whether she is good enough. Because of my childhood, my daughter will never have to feel responsible for repairing an unhappy home. Because of my childhood, my daughter will always hear how strong and smart and capable she is.