Global Warming

Government science teams say that 2022 didn't quite set a record for heat, but it was one of the warmest on record depending on who's doing the measuring.
Last year, which saw blistering heat across Europe and historic flooding in Pakistan, tied 2015 as the fifth warmest year on record, NASA found.
Federal regulators have been instructed to consider planet-warming pollution before approving large projects like pipelines and airports.
"In my opinion, you have a thing called weather," the former president once explained.
Associate Director-at-Large at Lawrence Livermore National Lab Jane Long joins Josh to discuss emerging technologies that may help us to fight climate change.
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is “running out of time”
Paul R. Ehrlich joins Josh to discuss how focusing on human rights can handle overpopulation.
The United Nations' weather agency says the state of Earth's climate is bad and getting worse faster than before, especially with sea level rise accelerating.
The effects of global warming are obvious as ice across the continent melts at “disastrous” rates.
The Fox News host didn't quite seem to grasp climate change in his latest denial.