Global Warming

To the atmosphere, this year’s “return to nature” — a silver lining for some amid a deadly virus — was virtually meaningless.
"You no longer have to travel far to report on a climate disaster, as one will soon come to a neighborhood near you."
New Yorkers keep voting for climate hard-liners. Next year, they'll choose a new mayor, comptroller and a majority of the City Council.
Climate change has been a topic of presidential (and vice presidential) debate for decades yet, it seems the same basic points are being litigated in 2020.
From declaring global warming will magically reverse itself to tapping two climate change contrarians for top scientific posts, Trump remains an ostrich.
“This is a climate damn emergency,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said as massive, deadly wildfires blazed across the state.
It is “abundantly clear that rapid climate change is continuing and the world is far from on track," said one climate scientist.
In 2016, debate moderators did not ask a single question about the climate crisis. Dozens of lawmakers want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
The year already has been marked by rising global temperatures, Arctic ice melts and intensifying wildfires and storms.
New data shows the risk of leaving an overdue energy transition to companies.