Global Warming

The EPA rule targets an 85% reduction in hydrofluorocarbons, a class of potent greenhouse gases, by 2036.
Climate change no doubt supercharged the historic storm.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the constant, dire news of record-breaking heat, fires and floods, here’s what you can do, according to climate scientists.
Recent flooding in Tennessee and North Carolina highlights the threat of extreme precipitation in a warming world.
A new analysis forecasts the number of U.S. outdoor sector workdays and annual earnings that could be lost if the world fails to slow global warming.
A brutal heat wave in Italy may have yielded the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.
The latest global climate report makes clear we need to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and “planting trees” won’t be enough.
Its collapse would trigger severe and potentially irreversible consequences around the world.
The legislation, sponsored by seven industry-funded Republicans, would give states authority over all oil, gas and coal development on public lands.
“I’m hopeful this tragedy will inspire our elected leaders to take action to restore our rivers before it is too late.”