Global Warming

Mice introduced to a remote island near Antartica 200 years ago are breeding out of control due to climate change and they are eating seabirds.
Three global assessments confirm last year was by far the hottest in recorded history. “We’re frankly astonished,” one scientist said of the findings.
"Did you ever think you’d be sitting at a G20 conference where everyone was preoccupied with the notion of global warming?” the president asked.
The Fox News host didn't seem to be warming up to the very real dangers of the greenhouse effect.
The system, part of the "global conveyor belt," could slow down or stop completely by mid-century, a new study finds.
Republicans are convinced that investments in green energy and saving the Earth from global warming are just devious works of "woke" liberals.
House Republicans want to turbocharge the very industries chiefly responsible for the accelerating climate crisis.
The average global temperature reached 62.62 Fahrenheit, surpassing the August 2016 record of 62.46F as heatwaves sizzled around the world.
Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now more than 50% higher than the average before the industrial era.
Government science teams say that 2022 didn't quite set a record for heat, but it was one of the warmest on record depending on who's doing the measuring.