Officers helped wrangle the herd as the group roamed the streets of Arlington in a wild scene.
When Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog showed up together at a North Carolina animal shelter, it became clear that separating them just wouldn't do.
Goats Standing On Things (MASHUP)
A gang of goats has taken over a town in Wales. The wild herd of Kashmiri goats normally live on the Great Orme headland, but have been living it up in the town of Llandudno since the coronavirus lockdown, running amok in the streets and munching on hedges.
Videos and photos of animals wandering deserted city streets amid the COVID-19 pandemic are wildly popular on social media. But be wary when you see these images -- misinformation about the animals is also spreading.
Police in the United Kingdom launched a tongue-in-cheek appeal to track down the pesky ruminants.
"This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine 🐐🐐🐐," a resident said about 200 goats running free in San Jose.
"I, for one, welcome our new goat overlords," tweeted a journalist in the Welsh town.
President Donald Trump is using goats to get a tax break at his Bedminster golf course.
She beat out cats, dogs and a gerbil named Crystal to become mayor of Fair Haven.