Good News

Victorious Josh Vinson Jr. got a plastic trophy and an oversized cardboard crown after a Nebraska battle royale of Joshes armed with pool noodles.
COVID-19 hurt businesses, but it couldn't stop these heartwarming acts of kindness.
The 49-year-old said he went into Zales to buy some earrings when he told a "shy" man attempting to pay for a ring that he'd "take care of it."
"Are we really this desperate for release, and if so, what does it say about us if we can only get it by potentially giving our kids nightmares?"
In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a surprising amount of positive news to celebrate this past year.
"His parting gift motivates me to teach my daughters the importance of neighbors in the world."
Tick off every day of the month with a new act of kindness – and feel upbeat in the process.
The children's book author and illustrator opened up about creativity, kindness and more.
The CDs were given to stores around the country gratis, with the request that they only sell them to "local customers."
A sad bulldog and a happy, paint-covered prince top our list of distractions.