Good News

A sad bulldog and a happy, paint-covered prince top our list of distractions.
"The Office" star struck gold again in his YouTube antidote to the coronavirus pandemic.
"With this gift, I was finally able to get out of the hole I had basically been in for two years since getting separated."
“I care about decency and humanity and kindness. Kindness today is an act of rebellion," the singer said at the E! People's Choice Awards.
These parenting books emphasize emotional intelligence, empathy and respect for others.
These stories feature messages of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.
Ruben Martinez III's mother said he came up with the challenge to do 20 good deeds to cope following Saturday's mass shooting.
Blake's "I will be your friend shirt" is inspiring kids and adults.
The girl scouts were selling cookies outside in Greenville, South Carolina
Jeff Allen rewarded Dave Cochran for his random act of kindness with tickets to next Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots.