Greatest Person of the Day

Since beginning the challenge, Andrus has lived out of an RV. He jogs three times a week and then hitchhikes -- or rides
"I can fix anything but a broken heart," he told the paper. But Rosales -- whose store and amiable presence has been a staple
The hero celebrated his landmark birthday with about 100 guests in attendance, many of whom are offspring of the children
At just 4 years old, Noah on the left is a cancer patient living with AML, a serious, rare form of leukemia. After years
Emily Hernandez was driving to class with a friend in 2009 when her truck hit a guard rail and flew off a bridge. Philadelphia
A deeper dig into the couch's depths revealed more envelopes, some containing stacks of $100 bills. When all said and done
"I want guidelines set in place for all of the Dowagiac Schools. No child should be denied food EVER," Keown writes on the
"During all of this, he amazed me with his courage in standing in front of large groups of people talking about what he was
"When I first saw him I was really heartbroken," Ingram told ABC News. "You don’t want to see any child disfigured. At the
To learn more about "Sweet Dreams," visit the film's website. Sweet Dreams had been nothing more than its name just a few