Green Holiday

Surely we shouldn't be cutting down a tree? As a child, these pangs of guilt were short lived and immediately washed away by the warmth and glitter of decorating day. As an adult, though, the environmental impact of my choices is important to me.
Who said Halloween has to be all orange and black? With a little do-it-yourself work and imagination, All Hallows' Eve can go green, too.
Below are a few of our ideas for green resolutions for 2013, and we’d love for you to add your own New Year's goals as well
After promising that, for once, you would get holiday shopping done early this year, you’ve found yourself in a familiar
While we often focus on sources of outdoor air pollution, there are many concrete things we can do to make sure the air we breathe inside our homes is as healthy as possible, especially around the holidays. What follows are some holiday tips for helping keep your indoor air safe.
From Mother Nature Network's Laura Moss: From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, household waste increases by more than 25 percent
From Networx's Chaya Kurtz: According to University of Minnesota economist Joel Waldfogel, Americans spend about $65 billion
From Earth911's Mary Mazzoni: Handmade gifts are the ideal way to show loved ones you care without the hustle, bustle and
Pumpkins abound, pop-up stores are sporting ghoulish window displays, and candy corn is back. Halloween time has officially
From Mother Nature Network's Morieka Johnson: While Lulu has issues traveling by car, loud noises don’t seem to bother my
Sizzling temperatures, long days and melting popsicles mean one very important thing -- the Fourth of July is just around
Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, June 17th. While buying Dad a gift is something you can look forward to, take some time
Although northern lights are traditionally seen only as far south as the northern United States, they could be seen much
With the warmth of spring months away and parts of the U.S. getting battered by winter weather, maintaining your home in
From Earth911's Alexis Petru: With the holidays winding down, you may soon be tossing cards and wrapping paper in the recycling
Family pets may be an important part of holiday celebrations for some people, but some experts recommend you avoid gifting
Innu elder and Chief Georges-Ernest Gregoire told Survival International: "All the massive industrial 'development' projects
List courtesy of Google. For more on the best of 2011, visit Unfortunately, many of these creatures are
There's a lot to love about these chilly winter months -- an excuse to curl up inside and read a book all weekend, eat yummy