Green Summer

The snow in the 2013 film was animated so well that it helped one scientist develop a simulation to study the grim 1959 death of nine Russian hikers.
Kyle Burgess said he'd stumbled upon the mountain lion's cubs during a trail run in Utah's Slate Canyon.
Octogenarian Harry Harvey was missing for three nights after getting separated from his walking partner in a hailstorm.
UPDATE: More than 200 people were airlifted to safety.
The 28-year-old man was among "visitors exactly where they were allowed to be," said a park spokesman. It was "just an unfortunate, tragic event."
A third man who fell was airlifted to a local hospital in Moab.
The exhausted mastiff had to be carried down a Utah mountain by a search and rescue squad.
What one woman described as a growling pig turned out to just be cars driving over a rumble strip on a nearby road.
A search team "never would have located" the man's body were it not for the barking of his dog, Daisy.