Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico-based health clinic wants to provide abortions following the overturning of Roe v. Wade last month.
The recent infrastructure law includes provisions to jumpstart carbon capture and storage, including offshore, to help stave off catastrophic climate change.
The female was dragged back into the water and died before rescuers could help.
With only a cursory review, the agency shut the door on studying or cleaning up old toxic waste barrels that litter the seafloor at active drilling sites.
A federal judge ruled that the Biden administration did not properly account for climate effects when it auctioned off millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico.
Wednesday's offshore lease sale was the biggest ever of its kind — including those conducted during the Trump administration.
Environmentalists are accusing the president of breaking a campaign promise to ban new federal fossil fuel leasing. The administration says its hands are tied.
Aerial photos released last week showed a miles-wide oil slick on the surface of the Gulf about two miles off Louisiana's coastline.
The low-oyxgen area that can't support marine life is the result of urban and agricultural runoff, like fertilizer.
In the 1970s, the EPA allowed chemical companies to dump toxic waste into the deep sea. Now, oil giants are drilling right on top of it.