The pop diva's account was used to send crude messages about Eminem, along with racial slurs.
The president has pushed back against efforts to rein in his iPhone use in the past, according to reports.
Your boarding pass contains a lot more data than you might realize.
Government agencies warned that Russia, China, Iran and other U.S. adversaries will seek to meddle in future U.S. elections.
"I can sleep tonight better knowing I took my power back," she wrote on Twitter.
Even the smart TV and printer pose security risks.
According to a new court filing, a Twitter account swiped evidence from the special counsel Robert Mueller’s case in an attempt to tarnish the investigation.
The leak reportedly included addresses, personal letters and copies of identity cards.
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that the Department of Justice is charging two Chinese citizens for hacking U.S. companies on behalf of the Chinese government.
The attempts to break in to emails of U.S. Treasury officials, Arab atomic scientists and D.C. think-tank employees illustrate Tehran's espionage priorities.