Coinciding with International Literacy Day, Emma Watson's book club, Our Shared Shelf, is currently reading Half The Sky. Here she poses her questions to the authors.
Recently, I was amazed to receive an invitation from a 13 year old boy to speak at his fundraiser. This brilliant young boy, Max Byrant, decided to organize a local event in his community to raise awareness on Girls Education globally.
In Guangdong Province, the officials and caregivers at the Lianjiang Social Welfare Institution knew they needed help caring for the orphaned children at their facility.
In their first best-selling book, Half the Sky, husband and wife team Nicholas D. Kristof, a New York Times columnist, and
Watch Lucy's ONE WORLD conversation with Deepak Chopra now on WWW.NEWSWIRE.FM. As the child of Chinese immigrants in New
Nick began his career in journalism when he was 16, as soon as he was able to drive. "I thought 'wow this is so much fun
In order to renew our trust in the process of helping others -- to let these experiences with Somaly become a lesson in cautious optimism, not cynicism, I've outlined a few charities that I know are doing excellent work in Cambodia.
There are some things we now understand about human development. Besides the need for food and water and basic shelter, we humans are all the same in one fundamental way: we need to know love and be loved.
Right after the Chinese New Year holiday, our Half the Sky training team returned to the Huazhou orphanage to see how things were going in the new children's center.
A new preschool teacher said, "I think the children here have lacked love for a long time."