Heat Wave

As climate change accelerates, more than 100 million Americans will find themselves regularly facing heat index temperatures of 125 degrees.
With many areas sweltering in triple digit temperatures, the heatwave gripping the US looks set to continue.
Here's how to spot heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke in your little ones.
There's a certain temperature when it gets too dangerous. Pet experts share when to be cautious and how to take care of your canine companions in a heat wave.
Serbia's capital is expected to hit 108 degrees Fahrenheit Saturday.
The U.K. is now facing the hottest day ever recorded as extreme temperature “red” warnings have been issued.
Showcase Cinemas made the gesture amid the extreme heat wave in Europe that has already led to hundreds of deaths.
“This is not a normal event,” said Brandon Depenbusch, operator of the Innovative Livestock Services feedlot in Great Bend, Kansas.
Climate change is becoming a growing threat to schools, which are being forced to dismiss students because of extreme heat.
Philadelphia's decision will affect around 100 school buildings that don’t have “sufficient air conditioning systems” to keep temperatures below the threshold.