Railway worker Mayur Shelkhe hauled the 6-year-old and himself onto the platform just ahead of an onrushing train.
Nguyen Ngoc Manh was sitting in his truck waiting to deliver a package in Hanoi, Vietnam, when he heard the little girl crying above him.
An eagle-eyed sanitation worker saved the 7-year-old at the last moment.
A ticket booker recognized the signs of abuse when someone called the vacation hotline and helped send police to the scene.
This Hispanic Heritage Month, read up on these Latino civil rights advocates and activists. (Because chances are you didn't learn about them in history class.)
A scary moment had a happy ending thanks to the quick actions of a man in Texas.
Brendan Bialy, who confronted the shooter at STEM School Highlands Ranch, is expected to go the boot camp this summer.
Police said the 21-year-old's sacrifice "saved lives" and helped authorities apprehend the suspect.
An Army veteran, an off-duty Border Patrol officer and an Israeli war veteran are credited with coming to the rescue during the deadly California shooting.
Chance Blue is being hailed as a hero by the police chief in Middletown, Ohio.