“Don’t talk about my show anymore.” Fox News’ Sean Hannity lost his cool after Jimmy Kimmel made fun of his interview with California gubernatorial hopeful Caitlyn Jenner.
Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a historic investment in affordable housing and rental support as part of the state’s “California Comeback Plan.”
The GOP California gubernatorial candidate lamented that airplane owners are moving away so they don't have to see homeless people.
The Biden administration has withdrawn the proposed rule, which would have allowed single-sex shelters to turn away transgender people.
“This ever-worsening public health and safety emergency demands immediate, life-saving action," a federal judge said Tuesday.
Advocates in California are urging the state to prioritize the single-dose vaccine for unhoused people, who can be harder to reach.
As the state moves to an age-based rollout for the COVID-19 vaccine, advocates worry that people who are unhoused or incarcerated will be left behind.
After the California city didn’t open a warming shelter amid a major wind and rain storm, two unhoused people were found dead.
Pushing millions of people out of their homes could prolong the coronavirus pandemic and trigger a wave of long-term impacts.
There have been steep rises in people living in temporary accommodation since Covid hit.