Pushing millions of people out of their homes could prolong the coronavirus pandemic and trigger a wave of long-term impacts.
There have been steep rises in people living in temporary accommodation since Covid hit.
The “Red Kettle” isn’t going away. It’s online, and it’s essential.
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No services were taking place at the San Jose church where homeless people had been sheltering from the cold, police said.
The number of people sleeping rough is expected to rise dramatically in the winter months as a result of the pandemic.
California's Prop C passed in 2018 but has been tied up in legal challenges for more than a year.
Calling 911 can often do more harm than good for the homeless community.
"Our homeless residents are breathing ash right now," one advocate said of the unhealthy air affecting unhoused people already at heightened risk for COVID-19.
"Our belongings are packed in a garage and I no longer have employment. The question of where my daughter and I will lay our heads on any given week is a bit of an unknown."
“Many are calling this the equivalent of 2008’s foreclosure crisis, but at an exponential level.” This is how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated America’s ongoing housing crisis.