A group reportedly rounded up 15 homeless men and let them order whatever they liked from a diner in exchange for posing as mistreated veterans.
Another passenger put the 30-year-old Black homeless man in a chokehold on the subway on Monday, killing him.
The decision comes a few months after the controversial plan was introduced by Mayor Eric Adams.
The two now-former Hialeah police officers face up to life in prison if convicted on felony armed kidnapping charges, the Miami-Dade state attorney said.
The man, arrested for battery, was filmed spraying the woman while ordering her to get off the sidewalk.
The U.K. leader caught flak for his "clueless" conversation at a homeless shelter.
Disability and mental health experts told HuffPost that the plan echoes historical legislation that has left homeless and disabled communities isolated in the past.
The plan authorizes police officers to involuntarily place homeless people in psychiatric care, even if they don't appear to pose a threat to the public.
"I didn’t know how hard it would be to start over on my own with little money, no support, and a paralyzing case of post-traumatic stress disorder."
Homeless advocates have blasted a decision by Lakewood Township, New Jersey, to clear all the trees in its town square.