Housing Crisis

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are unemployed and struggling to pay mortgages or rents amid the coronavirus crisis.
Voting is already hard. Housing insecurity and the coronavirus pandemic are only going to make it worse.
“Many are calling this the equivalent of 2008’s foreclosure crisis, but at an exponential level.” This is how the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated America’s ongoing housing crisis.
His administration has overturned a rule intended to fight racial segregation, Trump boasted on Twitter.
The mayor of Portugal's capital city plans to pay apartment owners to rent to local residents at affordable prices.
Coronavirus outbreaks in Australia and Europe highlight how the shift from broad national restrictions to specific local lockdowns hits poor communities hardest.
It’s hard to social-distance at home if you don’t have a home.
Your lender might be willing to keep payment problems off the record even after coronavirus relief measures expire.
The "Last Week Tonight" host said the crisis was "completely foreseeable."
The shift to working from home opens up possibilities, especially for wealthier people.