Howard Schultz

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he looks forward to hearing from Schultz “as to when he intends to end his illegal anti-union activities.”
The chain's famous CEO also faces a possible subpoena before the U.S. Senate to address union-busting allegations.
The senator wants the Starbucks co-founder under oath for questioning about the company's anti-union campaign.
Faced with extensive allegations of union-busting, the coffee chain said it would rather send a different executive to the Senate hearing.
The union said it’s just sour grapes: "Workers have spoken loud and clear."
Starbucks Workers United filed unfair labor practice charges over the CEO’s comment that he could never embrace a union.
A regional director with the labor board says Starbucks broke so many laws that it irreparably tainted the union election process in western New York.
The president’s support for unionizing workers didn't go over well with the coffee chain as it battles an organizing campaign.
Amid a historic crisis, billionaires are keeping their money to themselves.
Democrats warned that Schultz's plan to launch an independent bid could have helped secure Trump's reelection.