Howard Schultz

Democrats warned that Schultz's plan to launch an independent bid could have helped secure Trump's reelection.
The Starbucks billionaire won't make a decision on running for president until after Labor Day -- and he's still eyeing Joe Biden as his biggest competition.
The ex-Starbucks CEO was served up some bitter brew on social media.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, both 2020 presidential candidates, served in the armed forces and were deployed overseas.
"I think he would be a very good president," the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and chairman said of his fellow billionaire.
“To say he came from nothing, it is very disingenuous,” says a former neighbor. But the rags-to-riches tale appears to suit the billionaire with political aspirations.
Twitter users say ex-Starbucks CEO channeled Michael Scott and Stephen Colbert in all the wrong ways.
The former Starbucks CEO promised not to be a spoiler for the 2020 election if he enters the race as an independent candidate.
“It just shows that certain elements of the media have learned absolutely nothing from their role in elevating a Donald Trump.”
A liberal super PAC has filed a complaint with the FEC alleging that Schultz might be “attempting to exploit” federal election law.
“I’m not doing this," said Steve Schmidt as he stormed out.
"Both parties are not extreme," the "Real Time" host said.
Twitter users compared the former Starbucks CEO to failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush.
Howard Schultz has been dragged for being out of touch after lamenting how “billionaire” has become a dirty word.
One Twitter user sagely noted, "If Howard Schultz doesn’t want to be called a billionaire, there’s an easy solution for that."
The Democratic senator becomes the latest to blast the controversial billionaire for considering a spoiler race.
Jimmy Fallon explains all as the coffee chain's former CEO on "The Tonight Show."
The way the potential presidential hopeful saw it, his workers didn't need collective bargaining -- all they needed was him.
The former Starbucks CEO is a gift for the GOP in more ways than one.
The congresswoman took a dig at the former Starbucks CEO's political inexperience as he ponders a presidential run.