Howard Schultz

While Democrats attacked Starbucks' ex-CEO in a hearing on union-busting allegations, GOP senators came to the aid of the famously liberal company.
Howard Schultz, whose personal fortune is estimated at $4.3 billion, told Sanders that calling him a "billionaire" was "unfair."
The senator laid into Schultz for Starbucks' aggressive response to a union campaign.
Sen. Bernie Sanders said he looks forward to hearing from Schultz “as to when he intends to end his illegal anti-union activities.”
The chain's famous CEO also faces a possible subpoena before the U.S. Senate to address union-busting allegations.
The senator wants the Starbucks co-founder under oath for questioning about the company's anti-union campaign.
Faced with extensive allegations of union-busting, the coffee chain said it would rather send a different executive to the Senate hearing.
The union said it’s just sour grapes: "Workers have spoken loud and clear."
Starbucks Workers United filed unfair labor practice charges over the CEO’s comment that he could never embrace a union.
A regional director with the labor board says Starbucks broke so many laws that it irreparably tainted the union election process in western New York.