Board of Directors

Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland have all stepped down from their positions as Women's March co-chairs.
A provision in the bill to require public companies in Illinois to have at least one woman, one black and one Latino director on their boards got scrapped.
“This is not a liquidation. This is a reorganization,” Kathryn Carson, chairwoman of the board of directors, said.
The appointments of former pageant winners follow male board members abruptly resigning in December.
It is a sad fact that for many organizations their business units, vendor management group, and even procurement, truly have
Gary Roboff and Bob Jones, senior advisors with The Santa Fe Group, an executive risk management consulting firm based in
As more organizations here in North America and overseas increasingly utilize third party vendors with a global presence to perform critical functions, process key transactions and provide exposure to sensitive proprietary information, those organizations with mature third party risk (TPR) programs are receiving a loud call to provide assistance to those new to the TPR field.
And they're competing in a winner-take-all competition. Only one campaign will ultimately win the prize: the opportunity
One of the worst things you can do as an entrepreneur (or celebrity, or politician, or, ahem, combination of all the above) is to surround yourself with Yes People: those who have an interest in hiding reality from you for their own benefit.
With its high population density, Singapore is no stranger to competition; and given its relative wealth, Singapore has fewer charities per population than the other cities above. But why are there so many hands up in Singapore for so few opportunities? 
They will also have to demonstrate that the cybersecurity program is regularly reviewed and updated, and that any problems
If more women leadership equals more profit, what company wouldn't want more women in leadership? How do we accelerate the pace of women gaining leadership positions?
True Independence is Vital Board independence has always been a troublesome and ticklish issue. While boards have become
While there is a presumption that directors and officers act with due care on an informed basis in a good faith belief that their actions are in the best interest of the corporation, the presumption is not absolute.
Having spent my career in sports-based youth development, the most difficult part of my job is convincing donors that funding
I can only imagine what it was like in many corporate offices post the tragedy of Charleston on the Thursday that followed such a devastating event. I can remember many times when I was in a corporate environment not wanting to go into work because of national events that happened revolving around race.
In general, the only three true job interview questions are all about strengths, motivation and fit. The questions always apply, but the focus and answers need to be different for potential members of boards of directors.
Before I came to Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, I spent more than five years at BoardSource, a national organization focused on improving nonprofit governance. I have to admit, at the time I fancied myself a bit of a governance expert. I was wrong.
At their core, Boards of Directors make strategic decisions and provide oversight, while Management makes recommendations and manages implementation. The best do these together, complementing and supporting the other's roles and strengths. So easy to say.
A 30% women's quota has come to German supervisory boards. I know there are many males who share the joy and hope to change the transparency in German administrative boards.