Hult Prize

This year's challenge was "Refugees - Reawakening Human Potential": Restoring the rights and dignity of 10M people by 2022
Here's how the recycling industry currently works in Mexico: There are no proper waste management systems in slums, or a
Today, over a fifth of the world's population remain perpetually invisible, over one in five people do not officially count. But they do, because every person counts. We need to give them the option to take off their invisibility cloaks when and if they choose.
With the planned addition of another 212 kilometers to the wall and the ongoing enforcement of severe isolation policies, how will the Palestinian people ever be expected to rise out of poverty? The answer is social entrepreneurship.
NanoHealth is a social enterprise that was founded by a student team from the Indian School of Business, winners of the 2014
It was an honor being the Campus Director of world's largest student event for social change. I was extremely excited for the job I was chosen for; a perfect execution of a classic dream which I was always passionate about- social engagement to change the world for good.
There is, however, a new trend that is emerging. It is a change in attitude wherein one may be able to help another, and
One influencer who has profoundly inspired their work is the Chilean Architect Alejandro Aravena. Through participatory design
If we go back to the core and think about what the Egyptians asked for five years ago, we find ourselves facing a massive challenge. The past couple of years have shown us that changes will only come if we invest in fresh perspectives.
There is a lot of value in transforming an idea into a viable business, and there is a lot of importance in creating social