Human Origins

"Stunning" trove of fossils may alter ideas about the human family tree.
The same goes for biologists like Stanford University's Dr. Marcus Feldman, who has done pioneering research on the differences
A special feeling. The first tools were discovered by chance in July 2011 during an archaeological expedition in the Nachukui
Now, researchers who recently analyzed the finds have discovered the tools are covered in animal fat, and are calling them
Have scientists discovered a new species of primitive human? "Classically, everything that inhabited Asia before the arrival
The fossil was discovered accidentally in 2008, when a bulldozer unearthed a cave during a construction project at the modern
This finding raises new questions about when the ancestors of present day Eurasians first migrated out of the continent, which
When scientists discovered beautiful hand stencils painted on the walls of an Indonesian cave back in the 1950s, they thought
The researchers identified 15 meanings associated with 36 gestures. When a chimp stomps both feet, for instance, it apparently