Human Origins

"Stunning" trove of fossils may alter ideas about the human family tree.
As migration increases around the world, features that might previously have allowed our eyes to classify people will undoubtedly
The researchers dated the artifacts by analyzing the magnetic minerals in layers of rock above, around, and below where the
"To be able to use animal resources, they needed to have tools in order to cut and butcher," Barkai told Live Science. "They
For the research, Martinón-Torres and her colleagues analyzed nine teeth from four individuals, which were unearthed in a
The finding sheds light on the migration of modern humans out of Africa, and could provide insights into when modern humans
“This allowed us to estimate that the ancestors of the Ust’-Ishim individual mixed with Neanderthals approximately 7,000
But a new analysis shows that the artwork from the Sulawesi cave is about four times older, dating all the way back to 40,000
While the researchers consider the new finding a step toward understanding the evolution of human language, other scientists
The 10 Most Diabolical and Disgusting Parasites Image Gallery: Our Closest Human Ancestor 7 Devastating Infectious Diseases
(Reuters) - No offense, but your ancestors probably were no brighter than a Neanderthal. Researchers said the findings show Neanderthals were anything but the incompetent dimwits that they are often deemed.
The research appears to vindicate the work of Joao Zilhao, an archaeologist at the University of Barcelona, recognized as
But Andy Herries, a dating expert at La Trobe University near Melbourne, Australia, who led one of the teams that came up
If Krauss seems eager for less religion, the survey respondents seem to be looking for more. In fact, 60 percent of the Protestants
The other artifacts are on loan from the private collection of Judy and Michael Steinhardt of New York. None of those objects
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When the first hominins (human ancestors) began hunting and gathering on the open savannah, they lost their body hair, likely
Deconstruct these debates and the motivation behind the opposition to both evolution and LGBT people in the Church is clear: fear. It is a fear of falling down the "slippery slope" which changes long-held positions "supported" by scripture.
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