Human Resources

Preventing workplace shootings or other violence includes acting on your intuition when it tells you something is not right.
Career experts explain how minor issues can be magnified on video.
A Google spokesperson reiterated the company's stance that no retaliation occurred.
Wages are stagnant, but additional raises are still possible in the off-cycle, experts suggest.
Invasive depositions, like the one conducted by ANZ's lawyers, are another reason victims of discrimination often stay quiet.
The suit, which includes The Weinstein Company, targets a culture of misconduct "shrouded in secrecy."
The extra help unemployed people got during the Great Recession has emboldened states to mistreat them.
A thousand dollars is a lot to a regular person, a small amount in the grand scheme of tax reform.
The women say they were bullied, harassed and even assaulted. They're out of work, but the men who allegedly behaved badly? They still have jobs.
Federal workers say they've received little to no guidance on what to do.
It doesn’t matter who compiled the list of sexual misconduct allegations in media. It matters that she had to.
There's a right way -- and a definite wrong way.
It takes help to make your career goals come true.
Both men were named in last month's damning New York Times report on sexual misconduct at the media company.
As state lawmakers revisit their sexual harassment policies, many women hope the #metoo movement will bring about real change when legislatures reconvene in January.
Now that the Angelina Jolies and the Ashley Judds and the Minka Kellys and the Reah Bravos (Charlie Rose) and the Megyn Kellys