“Record wind speeds will likely continue to be broken as the planet continues to warm,” the pair wrote in a new paper.
Otis brought 165 mph winds and heavy rain to Acapulco and surrounding towns, stirring memories of a deadly 1997 storm.
Both storms were Category 1 hurricanes when they hit.
The hurricane is not expected to make landfall, but meteorologists warned it would generate dangerous waves of up to 15 feet across the northern coast of Puerto Rico.
The storm is expected to develop into an “extremely dangerous” major hurricane by early Saturday and could cause seas around Puerto Rico to rise up to 12 feet.
The Florida governor "put politics ahead of his job" by not meeting with President Joe Biden when he visited to survey damage from Hurricane Idalia, Christie said.
Kinzinger addressed the chance that "logistics" played a role in DeSantis not meeting Biden during his post-hurricane Florida visit.
President Biden saw from the sky Hurricane Idalia’s impact across a swath of Florida before setting out on a walking tour of the city of Live Oak, which is recovering from the storm.
Hurricane Idalia rapidly intensified before striking Florida — a phenomenon that’s become alarmingly common as the planet warms.
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