Hurricane Agatha swept ashore on a stretch of tourist beaches and fishing towns in southern Mexico on Monday.
Federal meteorologists say the summer in the Atlantic will produce 14 to 21 named storms, with three to six turbo-charging into major hurricanes.
“It was almost too stupid for words,” an ex-White House official told Rolling Stone. “I did not get the sense he was joking at all.”
Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin, the nation’s largest cypress swamp, nurtures an abundant ecosystem and protects a critical coast. But years of exploitation and neglect have made it a “ticking time bomb.”
Before turning into a tropical storm, Hurricane Ida caused catastrophic damage to New Orleans, leaving the city without power.
With countries around the world continually beating their own records for both heat and rainfall year on year, extreme weather is becoming more common. Now, as the planet heats up, natural disasters are on the rise. We have seen events from wildfires to hurricanes increasing in frequency and intensity, but how exactly can our changing climate have an effect on natural disasters?
People who live on Grand Isle have endured decades of destruction, and they've always rebuilt. This time might be different.
A drone boat in a Category 4 storm has its fair share of ups and downs.
A month after Hurricane Ida, small communities along Louisiana’s southeastern coast are still without power or running water.