Relentless financial hardship and climate change were already pushing the island to the brink.
Tropical Storm Barry is forecast to hit the city unusually early in the hurricane season, just as the Mississippi River is reaching abnormally high levels.
A slow-moving flood of polluted Mississippi River water is causing serious damage to Gulf species, and a major storm threatens to make it worse.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned that there could be “a considerable amount of overtopping” of levees.
Science allows us to attribute deaths and damage to climate change. So why aren't we more alarmed?
“We need to do a better of job of making sure that the safety net reaches everybody that’s been impacted."
“We want people to remember we are Americans and we exist,” a Northern Mariana Islands lawmaker said.
The storm was one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit Mexico from the Pacific in recent years.
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz quickly responded to the president's latest smear.
Willa is forecast to be one of the most powerful hurricanes to enter Mexico from the Pacific in recent years.
The storm could hit Mexico's western coast in the coming days.
Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and stronger, a trend that’s set to continue.
The lesson from 2018 is that "no two storms are alike," one meteorologist said.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he was "scared to death" for those who did not evacuate.
It was the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental U.S. in nearly 50 years and at least one death was reported during its passage.
The storm is expected to strike the Panhandle on Wednesday as a major hurricane.
Tropical Storm Michael could strengthen into a hurricane by Tuesday night or Wednesday, the hurricane center said.
The edited pic shows the president handing a MAGA hat to someone clinging to a fence.