Eugene Ludwig made a fortune on the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington. He's about to get even more.
Nearly one-third of U.S. millennials are still living under their parents’ roofs (and that’s a fact, not a snide remark), but
Burning trillions of dollars for the hyper enrichment of a handful of radical corporate state supremacists wasn’t what classical capitalism was supposed to be about.
For the last half-decade, the most exciting, contentious, and downright awe-inspiring topic in technology has been artificial
"The face Tim Cook makes when he wishes he had run for president instead of being CEO of Apple."
Just under a year ago, computer manufacturer Dell announced plans to further expand their telecommuting and remote work initiatives
It’s going to be OK*, the weekend’s almost here. *Things may not actually be OK. 1. Mike Pence’s personal email - which he
Wherever you fall along these lines, you want to make sure that your taxes are accurately being prepared to ensure that you
The company says the graphic is an affirmation of “diversity, acceptance and inclusion.”
As I mentioned in my op-ed on recode, Virtual Reality is the New Tech Frontier, But It's Still a Boys' Club: Because it's
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Those years in corporate life provided useful lessons in humility. When companies of any size stop listening to customers
Watson, as you know, is the use of computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its many (many!) applications. It's good that