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The Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve sits surreally amongst a picturesque Guatemalan landscape at Lake Atitlan, which dominates at the top of media's "most beautiful" lists.
2. Be strategic. Buffett's most recent tweet, April 29, promoted the first-ever live steaming (#BRKLivestream) of the Berkshire
Businesses must adapt simultaneously to two growing trends. On the one hand, innovation is being placed in the spotlight more than ever, a phenomenon which is being accentuated by the development of new technologies, among other factors.
Our world continues to present profound problems and opportunities. Climate change, economic inequality and resource scarcity, all have global impact.
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This past weekend, more than 1,200 talented student entrepreneurs traveled from around the world to pitch their game-changing ideas at the Hult Prize Regional competition, aiming to double the income of 10 million people living in urban slums.
Tourists from around the world visit northern Thailand to experience the majesty of elephants in their natural environment.
Much has been written in response to the Mast Brothers scandal (or what our team refers to as "Mast-gate"). Nearly every perspective, rebuttal, or defense has been shared, so much so that I debated whether to publish this post, concerned I'd be adding to the noise. But there's one perspective that's missing and it's that of a (fellow?) chocolate maker.
For another type of business, social media success may be defined as raising product awareness or increasing fan engagement. Take the month of January to re-work business strategies and implement change before it is too late.
Since forming Marmalade Fish I have been asking myself, what is the future that we want to create as a society, as a community
Moving information within online communities is at the heart of marketing today. As networks expand, and more content is shared, new engagement patterns have emerged.
Tell me why your product is better: Make a superior product, and tell consumers why it is better. Use sustainability as a
Over the past few years, the use of social media has ceased to be seen as "cutting edge" or "innovative," and has simply become a core part of how companies communicate and do business.
As Founder and Executive Director of goods for good, I have always been inspired by individuals and companies that share my commitment to taking a creative, sustainable approach to international development.
While traveling for work, I sat next to a 26-year-old woman on a plane to Austin, Texas. She helped me relive a moment from my past that continues to be a reminder of the importance of being comfortable with who you are, especially if what you believe makes you "different."
More and more, as the social enterprise movement spreads around the world, we're finding that the best results actually happen for everyone when businesses look beyond the bottom line and invest in social change -- and that can only be good for everyone.
Identifying and launching the most compelling social business ideas is no small feat.
You do have the time. You just need to know how to work and play out loud with online networking. It's good for your career, your life, and your peace of mind. Try it.
Our world needs a new type of leader who is courageous, selfless, humble, innovative and remarkably effective. We desperately need leaders who have a vision and passion for creating new market opportunities and a better future not just for themselves but also for society at large.
Whether you are hopping or planted, you may never get your social media spotlight, or your goldmine of customer intelligence without listening as well.