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That’s when the idea for the "snap-on" underwear was born. After Kylie was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma -- a connective
Oxfam is testing the Tiger Worm Toilets, aka the poop-eating worm toilets, with several West Point residents. But judging from the smell, the construction of a toilet wasn't working well enough to keep the community healthy.
“A lot of people don’t think that it’d be able to handle the terrain that it does," Lance Cpl. Brandon Dieckmann, who was
A recent study by IDC, reveals that in the year 2018, the wearable technology market will see about 111.9 million wearables being used around the globe.
How exactly would we absorb this new knowledge from the pill? While he's short on the details, Negroponte said that the pill
Classroom Champions of Jacksonville, Florida, will use the glasses to create first-person educational videos by Paralympic
Best Smartwatches 2014 Why Wearable Tech is Still Behind the Times Best Fitness Trackers on the Market Now Now that the LG
"The ability to turn the device on and off provides a certain convenience factor for those who are planning their family
The makeup artist thought she had to relinquish her modeling dreams after having surgery, but after her image spread like
If it seems like robots are everywhere today, that's because they are. Less well-known but well-worth knowing is some of the fascinating new research that uses robots and robotics to teach children about technology and a variety of educational concepts.