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The cute knickers, which come in varying colors, snap along the sides, so anyone who can’t slip their legs into a pair of
Oxfam is testing the Tiger Worm Toilets, aka the poop-eating worm toilets, with several West Point residents. But judging from the smell, the construction of a toilet wasn't working well enough to keep the community healthy.
YouTube user Adam Fennich commented on the video, “It's useful for conventional infantry but too loud for special operations
A recent study by IDC, reveals that in the year 2018, the wearable technology market will see about 111.9 million wearables being used around the globe.
What if learning Mandarin or Arabic were as simple as popping a pill? Negroponte said that his prediction is not "quite as
Classroom Champions of Jacksonville, Florida, will use the glasses to create first-person educational videos by Paralympic
The world first caught wind of Townsend’s photo when she submitted it to Crohn’s and Colitis UK -- an organization that works
If it seems like robots are everywhere today, that's because they are. Less well-known but well-worth knowing is some of the fascinating new research that uses robots and robotics to teach children about technology and a variety of educational concepts.
There is comfort in being able to communicate without regard to time or distance but somehow all this personal contact seems so impersonal, so two dimensional, so unnatural... Are we all truly eager to replace all human interaction with virtual realities?
In November 2012, during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Watts made the motion of a wheelchair after sacking the
This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network. Did you know that Americans throw away 150 million cellphones every
This vantage point is the ultimate experience of walking in someone else' shoes -- or in this case, their helmet. The video
Everything technological uses some form of energy; grid power, batteries, or virtually any form of energy that can be used to feed a starving tech device is fair game, and it's sending us on a downward energy spiral
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Mortality rates have dropped by about 54 percent in Africa, according to USAID. In the past year alone, through the president’s
The technology involved in creating artificial limbs has come a long way in the last few decades. We have now witnessed a
One of the more useful trends in education today is analytic-driven instruction, the strategic application of analytics based on targeted sets of learning data -- things like assignment scores, time spent on the material, progress in an adaptive learning environment.