While it's true that early in American history women were not permitted to earn a college degree, today's educational opportunities
"Moneythink has made me more financially wise," said Mikel Cotton, a student from Clarksdale, Miss. "Before, my mom would
The government's focus on water for the past 45 years has been more on water quality than on quantity. Despite dwindling
Now that that shopping bender is behind us, Giving Tuesday is here to remind us what the holiday season is actually about
My first year of college, my friend Christian and I had an idea for a tech platform that would make civic education more engaging and fun for students across the U.S. We needed to raise about $10,000.
We're seeing a shift occur within the startup culture around us. Early stage businesses are working to not only make waves with innovation, but also to conduct their business in a socially responsible way.
For 15 years, my organization has invested in the capacity of young leaders around the globe to question the status quo, develop innovative solutions and inspire others -- most notably through our YouthActionNet initiative.
Although the field of engineering offers women careers that are engaging and interesting, this career has not been a historically popular choice. Understanding why so few women consider a career in engineering is complex and hard to pin down.
One of the most amazing aspects of the internet is how interconnected we've all become. In just seconds, we can connect via Skype or Viber. Yasmine El Baggari has launched Voyaj, an online platform that serves as the intersection where technology and personal interaction meet.
My passion for toilets is weird, but it is also necessary because social impact designers, engineers, coders and makers are essential in creating products and services that innovatively advance mankind.
Science supports the fact that it's up to you, the community bystander, to be the difference between life and death in these situations, and here is how we know!
The idea of building an app is attractive for many reasons. First, it's tangible. You can build it and put your name on it. Second, it's completely customizable. The canvas is only limited to your imagination and your coding skill. Third, you can track it, monitoring downloads and usage. And of course, you stand to gain money and fame if your app is successful with the masses.
"How does a city of this magnitude bring young students to the water, and have them feel a sense of ownership and community?" asks Professor Lauren Birney from her lower Manhattan office at Pace University's School of Education. "Oysters."
It is critical to think about ways to impact children's learning at the youngest levels. Providing elementary-aged students with appropriate hands-on lessons and application of computer science content should be key for student learning.
This week Intel announced new job benefit policies that include tripling their adoption assistance program, and quadrupling their fertility coverage, noting, "family is family -- no matter what it looks like."
85 percent of all cervical cancer deaths occur in the developing world where there's less access to screenings.
Connecting Syrian and Lebanese children has proved to have a powerful effect: In the past year, 1,500 children got to know each other in creative activities such as theatre and dance. Despite of the serious topics, there's plenty of room for fun and entertainment -- something welcomed by all the children, but especially those who had lived through repeated trauma.