This scenario teases apart not just the future of technological innovation, but attitude innovation.
The breakthrough could help save the globe from the growing plastic pollution crisis.
The city of Detroit is experiencing a renaissance, and these innovators want to make sure that everyone in the city benefits.
Design student Dani Clode has invented a prosthetic thumb that serves as an additional digit for able-bodied humans instead of a replacement.
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While disruption may seem inevitable, city and governmental leaders can overcome it by understanding the causes, defining
The chasm between industry needs and our educational system has accelerated and our current educational model is quickly
Assess your innovation culture regularly. In a large organization, online surveys and questionnaires are helpful. It's always
Many executives and managers describe in personal talks that they find too little reflection time in the hustle and bustle
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The opposite would not work at Tangerine. If mission control were only at my desk, there wouldn't be enough missions. And
President Donald Trump is right about one thing: we need a jobs program.
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PS: In the book you discuss an improv trick: Moving from "Yes, but..." to "Yes, and..." language. Why is this so important
The 44th president left a strong legacy of supporting ST&I not just for the goals of discovery and economic growth but to strengthen democracy and improve the processes of government.