Insurance Companies

It's time for insurance companies to walk the walk.
Insurers would be happy. Consumer advocates, not so much.
ICER also receives funding from other insurers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim Health
2. Affordability According to Insurance Journal, up to $400 billion in insurance premiums could switch hands in a year. One
Early this year President Obama spoke before the Cleveland Club. After the speech 7th grader Alura Winfrey inquired, "If you could go back to the first day of your first term what advice would you give yourself?" Obama reflected for a moment and then blithely explained he would have worked harder to sell his economic policies.
When the Daraprim story broke, politicians saw an opportunity to tackle an issue that had drawn ample media attention -- the cost of pharmaceutical treatments.
"There are no air quotes around our marriage. We are married."
The Obamacare website is getting some important updates.
All dogs have the potential to be great. It just takes a responsible owner and a loving home to transform that underdog into a wonder dog. In fact, Venus is well on her way to being a positive force in her community.