Interest Rates

Record-low mortgages below 3% are long gone. Credit card rates will likely rise. So will the cost of an auto loan.
"Daily Finance" Senior Features Writer Bruce Watson joins Marc to explain the student debt crisis.
“The American economy is very strong and well-positioned to handle tighter monetary policy," Fed chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday.
Stocks notched modest gains after climbing back from a steep slide that had knocked more than 1,200 points off the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
The full effects of the coronavirus pandemic on real estate won't be seen for several months.
The Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates could have wide-ranging implications.
The president called the Federal Reserve Board members "boneheads" as he pushed for a rate cut that would put money in his own pocket.
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went off after another host on the network slammed Trump over the debt and deficit.
The move is meant to counter what it sees as threats to the U.S. economy.