International Day of the Girl

Each of these is a great example of a woman stepping up to lead business as a force for global change - on her terms! "Feminism
In order for our daughters around the world to gain access to careers in science, medicine and engineering, girls and women need to be exposed to many more positive media images that open their eyes to the world of possibility.
On October 11th, we celebrate Day of the Girl but we have a long way to go before achieving gender parity. Fifteen million
On this International Day of the Girl we celebrate women and girls all over the world and work towards how we as women can set a better example of leadership.
“Gender equality is not an issue faced by just half of the population, but by all.”
The Chibok girls have been missing for two and a half years. Their ordeal is not unique or isolated.
-- Tehmeena Khan, William Cullen Bryant High School Senior and Global Kids Leader Hillary Clinton once stated, "Women's rights
Finally, child marriage is a moral calamity.
The British actress visited Malawi to address the issue ahead of International Day of the Girl.
We've got our work cut out for us. But together, we can enable every woman to forge the future they deserve -- free of threats from violence, poverty, and disease, free to dream about becoming the next great engineer or doctor or head of state. One day soon, hopefully we can realize Nadia defiant and determined wish-"These crimes against women and their freedom shall stop now."
How do you see the role of young women in Afghan society?   When I think of women in Afghanistan, I feel a chain wrapping
Doing these chores often means giving up opportunities to learn, grow and just enjoy childhood.