Invisible Casualties

There's nothing more important than knowing that our families are healthy and happy. And after spending so much time with military families and hearing your stories of service and sacrifice for our country, I know that that's your priority as well.
In the military, fighter jets fly in formation, with the lead aircraft ahead and a backup plane off the right wing and behind. The wingman protects the lead pilot, watching his back. Each of us must be a wingman to the Veterans, service members and military families in our lives.
For many years, the prevailing culture among first responders, and members of the military and Veterans, has been stoicism. Whatever it was you'd gone through you'd better deal with quietly, deal with it alone and get back to work.
Sometimes, something as simple as talking to a Veteran can help them open the door and rediscover what matters most in their life. Whether the Veteran you know has just returned home, or they served years ago, you can be there to support them and help them remember what matters.
Throughout what would become four years in the hospital, Smith still couldn't shake the feeling of having nothing to live
"Yes, it's gonna be a hard road, but there are people out there willing to help. And in turn you'll be able to help others
"My exit strategy for Walter Reed was to hang myself," he said. "I was ready to roll. Once you've killed people, one more
Aiding our men and women in uniform has always been integral to the American Red Cross' mission. Today, the American Red Cross' professional, compassionate team staffs an Emergency Communications Center dedicated to the military community.
While most military deaths are traumatic and violent in nature, suicide poses special issues that the parents, spouses, children, siblings and other family members must grapple with. It's extremely important that we get these families into bereavement care and support following a death.
I learned of extreme poverty and violence "over there" in the Army. When I came home I saw it in my own country. I continue to ask myself, how can we spend trillions to kill human beings and next to nothing on healing them? I joined the military to make the world a better place. Not destroy it.