Jerry Yang

Buying Yahoo’s operations will boost Verizon’s AOL internet business by giving it access to Yahoo’s advertising technology tools as well as other assets such as search, mail and messenger.
Yahoo unveiled a new company logo last week, but it appears one of the designers who helped come up with the concept may
Loeb started out as a trader. He opened shop in 1995 with just $3.3 million in assets under management and operated in space
I don't have the solution to fix Yahoo! That's now Scott Thompson's headache. It may well be too late.
From Yang's letter to the Yahoo! Board Chairman Roy Bostock, per a press release: AllThingsD's Kara Swisher speculates that
By Peter Lauria, Alexei Oreskovic and Nadia Damouni In pushing a go-private agenda, Yang appears to be hoping that his knowledge
While Obama's speech at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship was short, his message was clear: he's pushing for a new era that includes diverse businesses and innovation in the U.S.
In the first 9 months of 2008 the number of CEOs who left their jobs hit a record high. In tough times good boards are looking at whether they have the right CEO.
The tech industry has been brimming with billionaires over the last decade, especially since the birth of Web 2.0. But these
Yahoo!'s Flickr kills Googles Picasa. Yahoo! has just not been able to figure out a good way to monetize it yet. When they do, watch out. People spend way too much time on Flickr, myself included.
AT&T sent text messages to wireless subscribers urging them to tune into the season premiere of Fox's American Idol. AT&T
I'm hoping that this time Yahoo is (finally) able to apply some smarts in the human capital area. Maybe this time the huge upheavals and chaos this reduction in force will create actually leaves the best and brightest on staff.
Yahoo (YHOO) chairman Roy Bostock says the company will have a new CEO before the end of the year, sources tell Kara Swisher
Here's the plan: * Yahoo will acquire our parent company, Silicon Alley Media, for stock. We already own some YHOO, and we're
The ouster of Jerry Yang as CEO of Yahoo has been a long time in the making, and now the search is on for a replacement. Silicon
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All My Children star, and notorious Emmy nominee (and one time winner), Susan Lucci was voted off ABC's Dancing with the
Steve Ballmer dismisses the idea of a Yahoo acquisition...but leaves open the possibility of a search partnership: "We made
Google has abandoned its proposed search ads deal with Yahoo. Google walked away after the Department of Justice told both