“You're going to lose your job,” the former Fox TV host is heard telling the JetBlue employee in the clip.
The pilot was allegedly preparing to fly from Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale with a blood alcohol content more than four times the legal limit for pilots.
The Federal Aviation Administration as many as a dozen passengers could pay fines as high as $30,000 for interfering with airline crews.
The flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to the Dominican Republic turned back to JFK because of the man’s behavior.
JetBlue travelers will be able to pay $143 for a test administered by health care company Vault Health.
According to one survey, airlines like Delta that are continuing to limit seating capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic are on to something.
Fly Jet Blue for Terra chips and Delta for Biscoff cookies.
A lawsuit from two of the women also accuses a second pilot of drugging them with the intent to commit rape.
Flight attendants provided an oxygen mask for a French bulldog that was having trouble breathing.
I wanted to hate him, but something changed right around the time he started crawling down the aisle toward me.