Judge Jed Rakoff

“The message that is sent by such cases where they go after the companies is, ‘Don’t worry. If you get caught, we’re not
For a justice system clamoring for greater transparency and fair play, it seems SDNY's actions do not always align with their expectations for others. Judge shopping is indeed "unsavory." Is it a crime?
Ignoring the evidence, the oil giant continues to tout the agreement as its "get-out-of-jail-free" card, and U.S. reporters continue to use it in their stories as a legitimate response to the Ecuadorians' charges.
By Jonathan Stempel and Sarah N. Lynch The SEC did go to trial against former Citigroup manager Brian Stoker, the only individual
The News notes that, even if that number is .5 percent, that means more than 10,000 people are doing time for offenses they
The shutdown is the story of the moment. But there are also other real things going on in the real world that have huge consequences for, yes, real people -- and the media shouldn't ignore those other stories.
Robert Khuzami, director of the SEC's enforcement division, said: "We respect the jury's verdict and will continue to aggressively
It's a strategy that Thomas Gorman, a lawyer at the firm Dorsey & Whitney who defends clients against Securities and Exchange
One section of the memo, titled “[Goldman Sachs] Relationship History,” indicated that from January to July 2008, Goldman