Judge Jed Rakoff

“The message that is sent by such cases where they go after the companies is, ‘Don’t worry. If you get caught, we’re not
For a justice system clamoring for greater transparency and fair play, it seems SDNY's actions do not always align with their expectations for others. Judge shopping is indeed "unsavory." Is it a crime?
Ignoring the evidence, the oil giant continues to tout the agreement as its "get-out-of-jail-free" card, and U.S. reporters continue to use it in their stories as a legitimate response to the Ecuadorians' charges.
Citigroup Spokeswoman Danielle Romero-Apsilos declined to comment. The SEC had no immediate comment. Since White changed
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author Rakoff said mandatory minimums should be eliminated and prosecutors
The shutdown is the story of the moment. But there are also other real things going on in the real world that have huge consequences for, yes, real people -- and the media shouldn't ignore those other stories.
Stoker left the court smiling. The jury delivered its verdict on its second day of deliberations. The other individuals charged
Gupta's lawyers also questioned the credibility of prosecution witnesses, including Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Gupta’s
The defense rested its case on Tuesday, the final day of testimony in the insider-trading trial of former Goldman Sachs board
Gupta, also former chief of consulting firm McKinsey & Co, is accused of telling the now-jailed Rajaratnam about a June 2008
Under cross-examination by Gupta's lead defense attorney, Gary Naftalis, Blankfein said that Galleon was a "an important
Blankfein also testified that during a June 2008 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Goldman board discussed the possibility
An SEC spokesman declined to comment for this story. The most stinging shot to Rakoff's success came in March, when the Second
The indictment of Wegelin, which was founded in 1741, was the first in which the United States accused a foreign bank, rather
Kruger used the money to fix up a Mill Basin, Brooklyn mansion with his "intimate associate" and co-conspirator, gynecologist
Bribing foreign officials is illegal under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Both the Securities and Exchange Commission
The SEC and other federal agencies have long let companies settle investigations without admitting wrongdoing. If Rakoff's
For its part, the SEC seems to be downplaying the significance of the change in policy and also serving notice that the change
So when Rakoff on Tuesday issued a ruling opposing any delay in the case, he was beaten to the punch; 78 seconds earlier