Junk Science

Tuilaepa Sailele suggested that such skeptics should be taken to a mental institution.
A university course designed to teach critical thinking has been highly successful in dispelling misinformation and conspiracy theories.
Whoever you are and whatever your view, you are vastly outnumbered by all the other options combined. You are Protestant
Pardon me. This piece is admittedly too clever by half, but then again, so is The Gospel of Wealth. Two preachers, male and
But goodness was not enough and Christians could not imagine belief in God without the Christian apparatus for that belief
There's no need for releasing the Searchers to find out the cause for the current incredulity about God. At some point in
As far as I can discover from interviews and from books, there are at least 21 reasons smart people find God unconvincing
Faith and credulity are for the fabulous, fantastic, phantasmagoric beliefs that we only find in religions and conspiracy
Wait and see. In the next year or so, The Cynical & Crafty Far Right Guides Who Lack the Gift of Faith will place a Justice
First, the Trinity is referred to as 'three persons.' Second, there is a division of labor among the persons of the Trinity
Koans are the special short questions of spiritual masters in the Chan and Zen traditions. (Chinese Chan became Japanese
Religions also legislate marriage in order to legislate sex. But most ancient religious prohibitions against certain sexual
6. Note that epoche entails your public portrayal as an objective scholar and instructor. Privately, while lowered into your
Hold your ponies! Aren't some new religions harmful, hateful, distasteful, and downright wacky? Yes. And therefore 'cult
Few concepts are more poorly understood or more abused than skepticism. The best example of this abuse is to attribute the moniker of "climate change skeptic" to those who ignore the overwhelming data concerning global warming.
It would disclose a high degree of vanity in me were I to announce that the end of the world would occur during my life span
There's a twist to time and religion. Though time is corrosive of old beliefs it also evolves new beliefs. If God exists
In the West, a person must believe in (depending upon the religion) the Torah, the laws of Moses, the Talmud, the efficacy
Curiously though, like original sin, evolution also speaks of ancestral inheritance, and such an inheritance might argue