Keystone Pipeline

Gov. Kristi Noem (R) recently signed a package of laws to crack down on anti-pipeline demonstrations — a move the tribe says infringes on free speech.
The Trump administration must carry out a valid environmental review before the project can proceed, rules a U.S. District Court judge in Montana.
But the president's tightening grip on the courts could change his administration's fortunes.
Your Energy, an industry front group, claims to have recruited 10,000 people to its cause of battling pipeline protesters.
The congressman urged state officials to think about climate change, pollution and Native American rights.
We must continue to promote clean, renewable energy sources that will make dirty fuels obsolete.
Nebraska state regulators voted to approve the pipeline, but rejected the proposed route, making its future uncertain.
Protesters who spent years advocating against the pipeline had warned that it would leak.
The spill this week is the largest in the existing pipeline's history.
"It’s not too late to protect Nebraska’s families, farms, and communities from paying the same price,” a conservation group says.
Environmental groups allege Trump administration approval of the project broke the law.