Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton called the breach of the stay-at-home order "ridiculous," adding, "that birthday party is costing them."
As the coronavirus crisis continues, the fast food chain has suspended a U.K. ad campaign that shows people licking their fingers.
The fast-food giant is testing out a plant-based alternative that it says tastes just like its original-recipe fried chicken.
The explosion happened mere hours after the fast-food restaurant closed.
The prank didn't quite satisfy the peckish House Democrat who raised a flap about the attorney general skipping the Judiciary Committee meeting.
A Senate Republican is upset that a House Democrat used fried chicken to mock Attorney William Barr for not showing up to a hearing.
The attorney general's empty seat at a House Judiciary Committee hearing was occupied by a chicken figurine.
An ex-worker argued that her employer made it so difficult to pump at work that her milk supply dried up.
Fast-food companies like KFC and McDonald's have planted their flags overseas, encouraging a love affair with fast food that carries a heavy cost.
The boys are looking forward to eating some of their favorite Thai dishes — and KFC.