Killer Air UK

As the new Mayor of Atlanta, the capital city that anchors the ninth-largest metro in the United States, I take air pollution
"When it comes to the air, there’s nothing you can do. You cannot stop breathing."
People inhale soot and noxious fumes from the car-laden highways encircling their historically black community.
In New York City, we are fighting the climate crisis as though our lives depend on it, and we are fighting inequality with
The German capital is launching an ambitious plan to build bicycle superhighways and protected bike lanes.
“I know that the air is bad because my head hurts and my eyes water.”
“Sometimes the whole place smells of petrol. What choice do we have?”
Air quality has always been one of Montréal’s preoccupations. Already by 1872, when coal combustion was at its peak and black
Air pollution may be a global problem, but it’s one where local action makes a big difference.  Across the nation, cities
In South Africa, air pollution is more severe in urban areas, and the city of Johannesburg is no exception. The majority
Around the world, air pollution is a major public health issue, responsible for the premature deaths of millions of people
The urgent risk kills thousands of people around the globe each year and covers urban landscapes in smog.
The effects of climate change and specifically air pollution are very real and are being harshly felt across the world. Cape
Improving air quality in a big city like Rome is a goal that will pose a challenge to the habits of every resident of one
The fight against climate change is no longer a matter of grand strategies, a matter of the agendas of large and seemingly
“You shouldn’t be breathing air that could be killing you.”
It's not listed on death certificates, but it's still considered "one of the great killers of our age."