If Kony had his way, the world would forget he ever existed. But instead, we should take a lesson from 2005, when the international community finally began to take Kony and his LRA rebellion seriously.
Todd Moss was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Condeleeza Rice. He oversaw diplomatic relations with 16 West African countries. After penning four non-fiction books, he has turned to fiction.
You might not be able to bring back the girls kidnapped in Nigeria with your support now, but you can ensure that the world takes preventive steps to ensure that women and girls are protected, empowered, and educated -- fearlessly -- around the world.
Just a few weeks after the viral video's success, a lot of the air in the Kony bubble was let out when Jason Russell, the
"They are involved primarily in survival mode activities which entail attacking civilians, killing, looting and kidnapping
A 5,000-strong AU Regional Task Force, supported by about 100 U.S. Special Forces, has been hunting Kony and his fighters
Djotodia became interim CAR president after northern Seleka rebels seized the capital, Bangui, in March and ousted President
U.S. military advisers have trained, equipped and supported troops from Uganda, South Sudan, and Congo in their operations, and the tide is beginning to turn in the efforts to end the Kony insurgency.
That day, I learned something about myself that would change my life forever. How had I been skipping school, sleeping in and not doing my homework on the same day that other kids were walking seven, or 10 miles to school?
Social media made Joseph Kony famous, but our devoted lobbying and advocacy efforts rallied our powerful leaders around bringing this war criminal to justice.
Leaders in the fields of culture, social entrepreneurship, human rights, and the arts will come together to share their learnings with 1,400 Millennials who have distinguished themselves as social enterprise mavens and advocacy navigators.
“I’m so sorry to the thousands of people who were confused, who were scared and who didn’t trust us anymore because of what
Uganda Speaks timed the launch of #Uganda2012 to coincide with the Invisible Children’s “Cover the Night” campaign. The organization
"The distance between your men and them, you could walk in about 20 minutes," he said. The rebels had raided his family's
To restore its waning credibility, Invisible Children should immediately cut ties with the dictator and the corrupted Fellowship. As long as Invisible Children is linked to human rights violators, its claims to be humanitarian will be suspect.
Keep the post to around 500 words (I am flexible if more space is needed) and please do not use offensive language. You may
The new film aims to provide a more in-depth look at Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, which has retreated from Uganda and is
I suggested to my sister that perhaps the posters needed to come down so that teachers, students and families could take
I believe that the success of the Kony video stems from its ability to simply and unambiguously articulate both the problem and an actionable solution. Kony is personified as the lone enemy that must be stopped in order to put an end to childhood conscriptions in Uganda.
After gaining 50 million You Tube views in just 3 days, Kony 2012 became the most viral political cause of all time. In this infographic timeline, Recorded Future shows how this came to be.