In her farewell speech to the New Zealand Parliament, the former prime minister spoke about leadership and her legacy.
The show, which stars Jason Sudeikis, follows an unqualified coach who succeeds by empowering others.
Becoming a parent is a beautiful moment — and a great responsibility that is equally important no matter your gender.
ICE is part of the Department of Homeland Security, which has also cycled through leaders during Donald Trump's presidency.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a constant this year. What's been less constant is a national leader who recognizes our collective suffering.
Amid a crisis that demands trustworthy leadership, the president has instead sowed chaos, confusion and misinformation.
"I believe it’s every citizen’s responsibility to demand that our president be tactically proficient and set an example of courage, frankness and honesty."
The former president told a private audience in Singapore that women are "indisputably" better than men.
His death is a major blow, but the extremist group has survived the loss of previous leaders and military setbacks.