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Barbara Rose Brooker has been single for over 28 years. There are some sites that really don’t want you if you're older, like
Moore’s law has been completely predictable for 40 years. You really need about a generation between each of [the] big innovations
What does that mean for our relationships with each other? Praise. One of the biggest mistakes that’s been made in the industry
Victor McElheny was The New York Times' go-to tech reporter in the 1970s, a decade marked by a series of tech-world firsts
For our “Life As” series, we spoke with Parker about authoring with an algorithm, why dissertations could be automated and
People really didn’t even understand what I was doing because no one had computers around. At that time, people had to go
What are you responsible for? I’m primarily responsible for working with a lot of the reported map issues that come in from
Imagine you’re playing music, and at some point in the song, you hear something somewhat familiar. It’s not the Nokia tune
Affectiva’s technology allows brands to not only listen in on what we say about what we’re feeling, but to actually see for
#A+: Starting in the fall of 2013, Newberry College students will be able to major in social media. Why offer a major in
How do you find new talent on YouTube? A lot of times, our talent will recommend people. We also have a business-email people
So what ethics have you built into Memoto? It's one ethical choice to take a photo. It's another to then publish it and share
Just by using more simple words, the site feels faster. Facebook encourages users to “Write a comment…” It’s not “Write a
The speed and personalized nature of the tweets has helped attract New Yorkers to the feed, Frasca notes. She said she’s
What have you learned about people since being a moderator on OkCupid? I’ve learned that people are nitpicking and if they
How would Anna Karenina or The Great Gatsby be different if the authors had had input from their readers? Take Hemingway’s