A close encounter with a lioness at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans goes viral.
Authorities say Alexandra Black, 22, was killed after the lion somehow escaped a locked space at the Conservators Center.
The lions "just left his head and some remains."
I'm not a fan of cities. There's a lot of clutter. Exploring nature gives us the chance to live in a tent and wake up every
Lastly, take comfort in the fact that by caring so much you have already made the world a better place. In time, you will
It's a strange position to be in halfway through the meeting. By Wednesday afternoon, we'll actually know the fate of entire
Ensuring that healthy, wild lion populations continue to roam Africa’s savannas has become increasingly challenging, as southern
CITES is a treaty between 183 national governments, known as the Parties, to control international trade in live wildlife
Make no mistake, though; designating a "day" for lions doesn't mean that we forget about them during the rest of the year. Rather, it means that maybe -- during the buzz surrounding World Lion Day -- the world will listen to another lion's story.
The U.S. government recently issued significant policies that may not grab headlines, but undoubtedly advance animal welfare and wildlife conservation.
Big mistake. The lions defended their turf and attacked the poachers. This resulted in five of them becoming food, three
We're on the way to a world that's better for lions, but there's still a lot of work to do.
Bieber is young... and, dare I say, immature. My hope is that he reads this and realizes that wildlife belongs in the wild
Today is Endangered Species Day. Every year for a decade, people across America have spent this day recognizing the plight of endangered species and the need to do all we can to help these imperiled animals (and plants) recover.